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Business Research Methods, 11/e

Donald R. Cooper, Florida Atlantic University-Boca Raton
Pamela S. Schindler, Wittenberg University

ISBN: 0073373702
Copyright year: 2011

Table of Contents

Part I Introduction to Business Research

1 Research in Business

Appendix 1a: How the Research Industry Works

2 Ethics in Business Research

3 Thinking Like a Researcher

4 The Research Process: An Overview

5 Clarifying the Research Question through Secondary Data and Exploration

Appendix 5a: Bibliographic Database Searches

Appendix 5b: Advanced Searches

Part II The Design of Business Research

6 Research Design: An Overview

7 Qualitative Research

8 Observation Studies

9 Experiments

Appendix 9a: Complex Experimental Designs

Appendix 9b: Test Markets

10 Surveys

Part III The Sources and Collection of Data

11 Measurement

12 Measurement Scales

13 Questionnaires and Instruments

Appendix 13a: Crafting Effective Measurement Questions

Appendix 13b: Pretesting Options and Discoveries

14 Sampling

Appendix 14a: Determining Sample Size

Part IV Analysis and Presentation of Data

15 Data Preparation and Description

Appendix 15a: Describing Data Statistically

16 Exploring, Displaying, and Examining Data

17 Hypothesis Testing

18 Measures of Association

19 Multivariate Analysis: An Overview

20 Presenting Insights and Findings: Written Reports

21 Presenting Insights and Findings: Oral Presentations

Case index


A Business Research Requests and Proposals (with Sample RFP)

B Focus Group Discussion Guide

C Nonparametric Significance Tests

D Selected Statistical Tables

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