Essentials of Medical Language
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Essentials of Medical Language

David M. Allan, M.A., M.D.
Karen D. Lockyer, BS, RHIT, CPC

ISBN: 0073374148
Copyright year: 2010

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LearnSmart™: Medical Terminology

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Medical Terminology is a foundational course required in most Health Sciences Programs. Students are charged with mastering a new language in a condensed amount of time. LearnSmart™: Medical Terminology increases the learner's understanding of the medical language through a systematic array of questions requiring construction and deconstruction of the medical terms. This diagnostic tool assesses medical spelling, understanding of word parts, and definitions of essential medical terms. A body system's organization is used to provide a clear content framework. Learning is tracked by this intelligent system in a manner to maximize the learning experience efficiently, while increasing mastery of the medical language.

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