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Math & Dosage Calculations for Healthcare Professionals, 4/e

Kathryn A. Booth, Total Care Programming
James Whaley, Baker College
Susan Sienkiewicz, CCRI
Jennifer Palmunen, CCRI

ISBN: 0073374695
Copyright year: 2012

New to this Edition

Here’s what you and your students can expect from the new edition of M&DC:

  • Chapters have been shortened and grouped into units to make it easier to navigate the material—this gives each chapter a clearer, better-defined purpose.

  • Stronger focus on calculations that will be performed by healthcare professionals who are administering medications to patients, with less emphasis on compounding and other calculations associated with preparing medications—this allows for the incorporation of new and relevant scenarios requiring critical thinking.

  • A greater emphasis on the content that is needed for a nursing curriculum through the addition of two new coauthors, Susan Sienkiewicz, MA, RN, and Jennifer Palmunen, MSN, RN, of the Community College of Rhode Island.

  • Coverage of three methods of dosage calculation—proportion, formula, and dimensional analysis.

  • Chapters have new learning outcomes based on the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy that serve as the framework for the chapter and are emphasized throughout to tie the concepts together.

  • New tabular end-of-chapter summaries are tied to the learning outcomes along with page references—these reinforce key points for review .

  • Extensive examples and exercise sets, including practice with over 250 full-color, up-to-date drug label illustrations by the main drug companies and currently used by the healthcare profession—this provides an opportunity for real-world applications.

  • An updated student CD-ROM with review and practice activities also tied into the learning outcomes.

  • Accuracy—all of the content has gone through a rigorous, multiround accuracy check with a proven math accuracy checking vendor.

  • Comprehensive digital support with ALEKS Prep for Math & Dosage and Connect Plus .

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