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Math & Dosage Calculations for Healthcare Professionals, 4/e

Kathryn A. Booth, Total Care Programming
James Whaley, Baker College
Susan Sienkiewicz, CCRI
Jennifer Palmunen, CCRI

ISBN: 0073374695
Copyright year: 2012

Table of Contents




UNIT ONE Overview of Basic Math

CHAPTER 1 Fractions

CHAPTER 2 Decimals

CHAPTER 3 Relationships of Quantities: Percents, Ratios, and Proportions

UNIT TWO Systems of Measurement

CHAPTER 4 Metric System

CHAPTER 5 Other Systems of Measurement

CHAPTER 6 Using Conversion Factors

CHAPTER 7 Temperature and Time

UNIT THREE Principles of Medication Administration

CHAPTER 8 Equipment for Dosage Measurement

CHAPTER 9 Interpreting Medication Orders

CHAPTER 10 Interpreting Medication Labels and Package Inserts

CHAPTER 11 Safe Medication Administration

UNIT FOUR Basic Dosage Calculations

CHAPTER 12 Methods of Dosage Calculations

CHAPTER 13 Oral Dosages

CHAPTER 14 Parenteral Dosages and Other Medication Administration Forms

CHAPTER 15 Intravenous Calculations

UNIT FIVE Calculations Used in Specialty Areas

CHAPTER 16 Preparation of Noninjectable Solutions

CHAPTER 17 Calculations for Special Populations

CHAPTER 18 High-Alert Medications

CHAPTER 19 Critical Care IV Calculations

APPENDIX A Alligation Method APP

Comprehensive Evaluation CE

Answer Key A

Glossary G

Credits Cr

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