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Self-Management Workbook
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Stay Focused

Sometimes staying focused in class can be frustrating, but you can apply the ABC method to help you become a more attentive listener, for example:

A=Actual event: “I was hopelessly lost during my 2:00 class. I couldn’t follow the lecture and my notes are a mess.”

B=Beliefs: “Maybe I should drop this class and find an instructor that’s more dynamic.”

C=Challenge: “I’m frustrated with myself that I can’t get more out of this class. I can’t fail this class as I need a good grade to graduate.”

“But I’m passing all the quizzes and I like my study group. I know with a little more effort I can become better focused during lectures.”

“I’m confident that I can apply simple strategies to become a more active listener. Even though this instructor has a different teaching style than my learning style, I can adjust and be flexible. I see this as a good learning experience all around.”

Practice the ABC Method of Self-Management

Complete Worksheet 5.1 in your text, or develop a related scenario using theABC Template (24.0K)

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