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Career Directions: The Path to Your Ideal Career, 5/e

Donna J. Yena, Johnson & Wales University

ISBN: 0073375152
Copyright year: 2011

Book Preface



The fifth edition of Career Directions is designed to assist career seekers, both in and out of the classroom, from a wide variety of diverse backgrounds. This book is equally ideal for those who are decided or undecided about their career paths, those who are in a career transition, or those who are returning to school with plans to start a new career or reenter the workforce. A major goal of your education is to prepare you for a satisfying career. Being prepared to manage your career from internship and co-op experiences to your first career position and beyond increases the likelihood that you will achieve your career goals. Filled with both updated and new content and features, the fifth edition of Career Directions blends the basics of career planning and searching with resources contemporary to today’s workplace.

Updated sources and theories, new case studies, real-world examples, and exercises and activities have been added to the fifth edition, making it a comprehensive and current resource for the modern career seeker. Successful job search techniques vary, and as you customize your search to meet your own individual career goals, you will need to decide which online and traditional career resources will work best for you. For example, the use of recruitment technology can be very different between small, local companies and mid-size, large, regional, or national companies. Many companies are now looking to online social networking sites to recruit new hires. Becoming well-versed in resources such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and activities such as blogging will put you ahead of other candidates and increase your chances of connecting with a potential employer. In addition to two new chapters covering networking and internships and co-ops, these are just a few examples of the updated content found in the fifth edition.

The information provided to you in Career Directions spans the needs of a wide variety of job seekers. Students in career schools, four-year colleges, and community colleges can all benefit from using this book in career development courses and career workshops. The book can also be used independently for those who want to direct their own career planning and job search efforts. Career Directions provides instruction and resource materials that will help you find your internship or co-op job or your first position after graduation or help guide you through a career transition.


Since the job search process varies by industry, researching industries and potential career paths is imperative throughout your career planning and searching activities. The text, Career Directions: The Path to Your Ideal Career, is designed to help you assess, plan, take action, and attain your desired career path, and the updated Career Directions Handbook is carefully designed to assist you in this process.

The Career Directions Handbook is a current and comprehensive tool that is now conveniently available both in print and online. Packed with valuable information, the Career Directions Handbook will arm you with knowledge, statistics, career possibilities, and over 1,000 specific job descriptions spanning a multitude of industries. Included industries range from technology, to health care, to business, to everything in between! Knowing your industry options, corresponding career paths, specific job descriptions, and what you can expect for each one in terms of salary and job outlook will give you a realistic perspective of your options.

Whether you have already pinpointed a specific industry in which you are interested or you are still unsure about the career path you desire, the Career Directions Handbook offers a wealth of information. With this information, you will be prepared over other career seekers in the hiring pool. When you are prepared, and know what you want in a career, it translates into confidence during interviews and throughout your life.
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