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Study Quiz
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Michelle has an auditory learning style. Her professor has provided a blog, podcasts and a CD-ROM with interactive exercises to the class for study review. Which of these will most effectively help Michelle study?
A)CD-ROM with interactive exercises.
D)none of the above.
What is one potential benefit for students when PowerPoint presentations are used in class?
A)they are often uploaded to the course website for additional review after class.
B)makes it possible to miss class because you can look at the PowerPoint later online.
C)means you don't have to listen to the professor during lecture.
D)B and C only
All of the following are common uses for the Internet, EXCEPT:
B)instant and text messaging.
D)Excel spreadsheets
Jake wants to send an e-mail to his professor. What will be the likely domain extension for the professor's e-mail address?
Which of the following is a rule for writing effective e-mails?
A)keep messages short and focused.
B)put requests near the beginning of the e-mail.
C)make sure the recipient knows who you are.
D)all of the above
When should you include emoticons, or smileys, in an e-mail?
A)when sending an e-mail to a professor.
B)when sending an e-mail to your internship supervisor.
C)when sending an e-mail to a close friend.
D)when sending an e-mail to a prospective employer.
Regarding technology etiquette, you should:
A)turn off your cell phone in formal settings, especially class.
B)use your laptop in class, both for taking notes and checking your e-mail.
C)never send text messages or make a call while someone else is speaking.
D)A and C only
Distance learning classes have certain advantages over traditional ones. Pick one such advantage from the choices below.
A)distance learning classes don't require the time management skills that regular classes do.
B)you may have more contact with your instructor than in a regular class.
C)you'll receive immediate feedback about your work.
D)distance learning classes are often easier than traditional classes.
What can be found in a library's basic collection?
A)indexes and online databases.
C)Neither A nor B
D)Both A and B
What is a possible challenge Jim may encounter when researching information online for his paper about France?
A)information may be unreliable or out-of-date.
B)he may find limited information on his topic.
C)it will be unnecessarily more complicated than going to the library.
D)none of the above

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