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Self-Management Workbook
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Self-Management Workbook

A unique concept that you have been introduced to in this textbook is called the "ABC of Self-Management." Basically, many of us spend too much time dwelling on personal mishaps and misunderstandings, rather than focusing on learning from our mistakes, improving communication, and simply moving on to more positive aspects of life.

In the text, you are offered opportunities to practice this method, especially within the Journal Entries and accompanying Worksheets. Provided here are additional examples of how to work through difficult situations, including a template you can use to record how you would handle a difficult scenario by using this method.

This is just a starting point to put your critical thinking talents into practice. Modify the method to work best for you, and practice a variety of scenarios with others, including members of your study group. The goal should be to minimize negative reactions and thoughts and to focus on how to move on to a resolution that benefits you and others around you.

ABC Method of Self-Management Template (23.0K)
Chapter 01 (21.0K)
Chapter 02 (20.0K)
Chapter 03 (20.0K)
Chapter 04 (20.0K)
Chapter 05 (20.0K)
Chapter 06 (20.0K)
Chapter 07 (21.0K)
Chapter 08 (20.0K)
Chapter 09 (20.0K)
Chapter 10 (20.0K)
Chapter 11 (20.0K)
Chapter 12 (22.0K)
Chapter 13 (20.0K)
Chapter 14 (27.0K)

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