Managerial Eco. and Org. Arch.
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Table of Contents

Managerial Economics and Organizational Architecture, 5/e

James Brickley, University of Rochester
Jerold Zimmerman, University of Rochester
Clifford W. Smith, University of Rochester

ISBN: 0073375829
Copyright year: 2009

Table of Contents

Part 1: Basic Concepts

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Economists' View of Behavior
Chapter 3 Markets, Organizations, and the Role of Knowledge

Part 2: Managerial Economics

Chapter 4 Demand
Chapter 5 Production and Cost
Chapter 6 Market Structure
Chapter 7 Pricing with Market Power
Chapter 8 Economics of Strategy: Creating and Capturing Value
Chapter 9 Economics of Strategy: Game Theory
Chapter 10 Incentive Conflicts and Contracts

Part 3: Designing Organizational Architecture

Chapter 11 Organizational Architecture
Chapter 12 Decision Rights: The Level of Empowerment
Chapter 13 Decision Rights: Bundling Tasks into Jobs and Subunits
Chapter 14 Attracting and Retaining Qualified Employees
Chapter 15 Incentive Compensation
Chapter 16 Individual Performance Evaluation
Chapter 17 Divisional Performance Evaluation

Capstone Case Study on Organizational Architecture: Arthur Andersen LLP

Part 4: Applications of Organizational Architecture

Chapter 18 Corporate Governance
Chapter 19 Vertical Integration and Outsourcing
Chapter 20 Leadership: Motivating Change within Organizations
Chapter 21 Understanding the Business Environment: The Economics of Regulation
Chapter 22 Ethics and Organizational Architecture
Chapter 23 Organizational Architecture and the Process of Management Innovation



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