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Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, 3/e

Stephen G. Cecchetti, Bank for Intl. Settlements, Basel, Switzerland
Kermit L. Schoenholtz, Stern School of Business, New York University

ISBN: 007337590x
Copyright year: 2011



Online Learning Center

The instructor edition of the book website includes links to professional resources and book supplements, including the following:

  • Instructor's Manual: Tori Knight from Carson-Newman College created a comprehensive guide to using the Cecchetti and Schoenholtz text effectively. It includes outlines for each chapter, a description of likely student stumbling blocks along with tips on how to teach troublesome subjects more effectively, and sections describing how instructors can use the core principles laid out in each chapter to further illustrate course concepts in their lectures. Additionally, the Instructor's Manual also contains lists of suggested articles and web links for use with the course.
  • Test Bank: Available in electronic format (EZ Test on the IRCD), the test bank was authored by David Laurel from South Texas College and Kenneth Slaysman from York College of Pennsylvania. It includes over twenty-five hundred multiple-choice, short–answer, and essay questions.
  • PowerPoints: Marie Reymore from Marian University updated and revised all the PowerPoint slides to highlight all the key points of each chapter in a clear, visually attractive manner. Slides include figures and tables from the textbook.
  • Conversion notes: Instructors who desire lecture and syllabus assistance when switching from Mishkin's money and banking text to Cecchetti and Schoenholtz's text can turn to our comprehensive conversion notes. Written by Matthew Alford from Southeastern Louisiana University, these notes include detailed topical charts correlating Mishkin's and Cecchetti's chapter coverage. In addition, there are discussions of differences and similarities between books and analytical suggestions.

The student edition of the book website includes a broad array of content to aid students in solidifying their knowledge. Interactive graphs and exercises, multiple-choice questions will help students prep for exams. Additionally, personal finance worksheets and web links related to Your Financial World pieces serve as an important resource for students beyond the classroom. Matthew Alford from Southeastern Louisiana University revised and created new quizzes and online material for this edition.

Connect: (007724401X) McGraw-Hill's Connect ® for Economics is a web-based homework management system that gives instructors the power to create assignments, practice tests, and quizzes online, while saving time! Connect provides the problems directly from the end-of-chapter material in Cecchetti and Schoenholtz, Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, 3e, so instructors can easily create assignments and tests and deliver them to students. Connect also grades assignments automatically, providing instant feedback to students, and securely stores all student results. Detailed results let instructors see at a glance how each student performs and easily track the progress of every student in your course.

To obtain an instructor login for this Online Learning Center, ask your local sales representative. If you're an instructor thinking about adopting this textbook, request a free copy for review.