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Your UNIX/Linux: The Ultimate Guide, 3/e

Sumitabha Das

ISBN: 0073376205
Copyright year: 2013

Table of Contents

Detailed TOC (130.0K)

PART I UNIX for the User

Chapter 1

Introducing UNIX

Chapter 2

Becoming Familiar with UNIX Commands

Chapter 3

The File System

Chapter 4

File Attributes

Chapter 5

The vi / vim Editor

Chapter 6

The Shell

Chapter 7

The Process

Chapter 8

The Shell—Customizing the Environment

Chapter 9

Simple Filters

Chapter 10

Filters Using Regular Expressions— grep and sed

Chapter 11

Networking Tools


PART II UNIX for the Programmer

Chapter 12

Filtering and Programming with awk

Chapter 13

Shell Programming

Chapter 14

perl —The Master Manipulator

Chapter 15

Introducing C

Chapter 16

Program Development Tools

Chapter 17

Systems Programming I—Files

Chapter 18

Systems Programming II—Process Control


PART III System Administration

Chapter 19

System Administration


Appendix A

The C Shell—Programming Constructs

Appendix B

The Korn and Bash Shells—Exclusive Programming Constructs

Appendix C

The GNU emacs Editor

Appendix D

vi / vim Command Reference

Appendix E

The Regular Expression Superset

Appendix F


Appendix G

The ASCII Character Set

Appendix H


Appendix I

Solutions to Self-Test Questions



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