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Simulation with Arena, 5/e
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Arena 12.0 Download

Click on the link below to download the software. You will need to unzip the file, save the contents to a folder, and then click on the autorun.exe file to launch the software.


ATTENTION WINDOWS 7 USERS: If you have Windows 7, you should still be able to install Arena 12 from this download, but the installation is slightly different: After downloading and unzipping/extracting, in the "arena" folder, go into the "Install" folder, then go into the "Arena" folder, right-click on setup.exe, from the pop-up menu select "Troubleshoot compatibility," and then in the Program "Compatibility window" that comes up, select "Try recommended settings" and follow the on-screen installation instructions.

Software Requirements

To use Arena, your system must meet the following software requirements:
  • Windows XP Professional (SP2 or later), Windows XP Home (SP2 or later), Windows 2000 Professional (SP4 or later), Windows 2000 Server (SP4 or later), Windows Server 2003 (SP1 or later).
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (Service Pack 1) or later.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later to view documentation.
You must have Administrator privileges to install the software.

Note: Arena was tested using the latest anti-virus software. For more detailed information, refer to Rockwell Automation Knowledgebase Answer ID 35330.

Hardware Requirements

To use Arena, your system must meet the following hardware requirements:
  • Hard drive with 75-250MB free disk space (depending on operating system and options installed).
  • 64MB RAM (recommended 128MB RAM or higher, depending on operating system).
  • Minimum Pentium® processor 300Mhz or higher. The Arena software can be run on single processor, dual processor, and dual-core processor computers; however, only one instance of Arena can be run at a time.
Note: The running and animation of Arena and some large simulation models can be calculation-intensive, so a faster processor with additional memory may result in significantly improved performance. In addition, a larger monitor and a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 is recommended for improved animation viewing.