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What concepts can be explained using this diagram?
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A)the movement of water between the oceans and the land
B)how precipitation ends up in rivers or groundwater
C)how weathering causes the seas to become saltier
D)all of these
Which of the following is valid for how rocks weather?
A)quartz is very soluble during weathering at low temperatures
B)limestone weathers rapidly in wet climates but can form cliffs in dry ones
C)as a granite weathers, quartz rapidly decomposes into clay minerals
D)most minerals in granite weather at nearly the same rate and so granite has smooth surfaces
Which of the following is true about how weathering affects fractured rocks?
A)weathering affects rocks from the outside in, forming an outer weathered zone or rind
B)weathering attacks corners from three sides and so these are preferentially removed
C)preferential weathering along fractures can cause blocks to become rounded
D)all of these
Soil that is reddish, intensely leached, and rich in iron and aluminum minerals most likely forms in:
A)tropical climate
B)temperate climate
C)arid climate
D)an area with only minor soil development
E)a short amount of time
People reshape steep slopes, a practice called terracing, in order to:
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A)help capture and retain rainfall
B)provide a level place on which to farm
C)promote soil formation
D)protect soil from erosion
E)all of these
Which of the following are problems related to soil?
A)individual grains lose contact with one another as water squeezes between them
B)certain clay minerals increase in volume when they become wet
C)soils that do not compact uniformly because of varying amounts of clay
D)erosion due to loss of plant cover, such as from overgrazing
E)all of these
How can weathering form a mineral deposit?
A)extreme leaching can leave behind elements, such as aluminum, that are valuable
B)weathering can dissolve copper from the top of a mineral deposit and reprecipitate it at depth
C)heavier materials, such as gold and diamond, accumulate near the base of river gravels
D)all of these
Which of the following factors does NOT control the stability of a slope?
A)the angle of repose for intact bedrock
B)whether the slope is rock or soil
C)the amount of water in the soil
D)the orientation of fractures, cleavage, and bedding
Which of the following is a way that slopes fail?
A)large blocks fall from cliffs
B)rocks, soil, sediment, and ice slides down steep hillsides
C)pieces of loose rock accumulate on talus slopes until the angle becomes too steep
D)soil and other loose material can flow rapidly down slopes, forming debris flows
E)all of these
What factors lead to the Vaiont landslide disaster?
A)a volcanic eruption shook the ground
B)a major earthquake shook the ground
C)the sedimentary layers dipped downslope toward the reservoir
D)all of these
The landslide that destroyed La Conchita, as shown in this photograph, is probably:
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A)an example of creep
B)an earth flow
C)a rock fall
D)a rock avalanche

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