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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Which of the following represents the different information levels?
A)Individual, department, enterprise
B)Detail, summary, aggregate
C)Document, presentation, spreadsheet, database
D)None of these are correct.
What in the relational database model is a person, place, thing, transaction, or event about which information is stored?
B)Primary key
D)Foreign key
All of the following are advantages of database-stored information, except:
A)Reduced information redundancy
B)Increased scalability and performance
C)Reduced information integrity
D)Increased flexibility
What is the duplication of data, or the storage of the same data in multiple places?
A)Information redundancy
B)Information integrity
What are the rules that help ensure the quality of information?
A)Relational integrity constraints
B)Information integrity
C)Integrity constraints
D)Business-critical integrity constraints
Which of the following describes ETL?
A)A process that transforms information using a common set of enterprise definitions
B)A process that loads information into a data warehouse
C)A process that extracts information from internal and external databases
D)All of these are correct.
What is data mining?
A)A particular attribute of information
B)The common term for the representation of multidimensional information
C)The process of analyzing data to extract information not offered by the raw data alone
D)Uses a variety of techniques to find patterns and relationships in large volumes of information and infer rules from them that predict future behavior and guide decision making

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