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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Which of the following statements best represents the definition of cross-cultural communication provided in the text?
A)Understanding customers' needs
B)Overcoming language problems
C)Understanding cultural differences
D)All of the above
According to the text, ___________ is defined as "the shared ways that groups of people view the world."
The text discusses three broad cultural factors that can help you learn "the big picture" of a culture. Which of the following statements best represents these three cultural factors?
A)Topography, history, religion
B)Topography, history, bodily movements
C)History, religion, ethnocentrism
D)None of the above
According to the text, ___________ is defined as "the tendency to see only your own cultural programming as normal."
D)None of the above
The text discusses various behaviors that differ among cultures. Which of the following statements is the most appropriate example of behaviors that differ among cultures?
A)Body positions, manners of walking, handshakes
B)Body positions, gestures, smiles
C)Body positions, eye movements, touch
D)All of the above
Probably causing even more miscommunication than differences in body positions and movements are the different attitudes of different cultures toward various factors of human relationships. Select the least appropriate statement regarding differing attitudes towards human relationships.
A)Because it is precisely measurable, time is one variable that is viewed consistently across cultures.
B)In some cultures, people want to be far apart; in other cultures, they want to be close.
C)Some cultures view body odors as bad; others view them as normal.
D)Low-context cultures are more frank and explicit than high-context cultures.
What explains the lack of language equivalency that makes translation between languages difficult?
A)Grammatical and syntactic differences exist.
B)Different cultures have different concepts and views.
C)Languages, even English, have multiple meanings for words.
D)All of the above.
Back translating involves all of the following procedures except
A)Using two translators
B)Using English only
C)Using one translator with first-language skills in the language involved
D)Using one translator with first-language skills in the other language
The primary language of international business is __________.
D)None of the above
Two-word verbs often confuse nonnative English speakers. Identify the sentence below that communicates without two-word verbs.
A)The personal financial adviser said we should rule out investing in gold at this point in time.
B)The corporate attorney for one of the biggest U.S. fast food companies said her company will win back the confidence of customers with improved food handling procedures.
C)Small businesses write off less inventory losses now that they sell surplus products on eBay.
D)U.S. retail sales over the Internet surged 31 percent in the fourth quarter of last year.
Select the sentence that would be most clearly understood cross-culturally.
A)Jane almost busted at the seams when she found out about her promotion.
B)The new advertising campaign was off base from inception.
C)The team lit up when they found out they were first place in the league.
D)The improved manufacturing process will benefit the organization's profits.
Select the sentence that would need to be rewritten for a nonnative English-speaking individual.
A)Two hundred individuals attended the company's annual employee-recognition dinner.
B)Liberty Investments will kick off the season with a projected gain in its year-end holdings.
C)The production workers could not meet the daily output standards.
D)The year-end report indicated the XYZ Corporation is in serious financial difficulty.
According to the text, one of the most sensitive issues in cross-cultural communication is the extent to which generalizing about a culture perpetuates _______________.
D)None of the above
Identify which of the following suggestions does not improve communication across cultures.
A)Word questions carefully, avoiding negative and double questions.
B)Always use English since the meaning of its words is universally understood.
C)Write or talk simply and clearly.
D)Check and clarify communication using continuous confirmation.
If put in a situation where adapting to the practices of an international partner to make a deal means behaving unethically or illegally, you should
A)Seek advice from others in your company.
B)Refer to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices legislation.
C)Adapt to the practices of your international business partners.
D)All of the above.

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