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Teachers, Schools, and Society, 9/e

David M. Sadker, Univ of Arizona and Professor Emeritus, Amer Univ
Karen R. Zittleman, Ph.D., American University

ISBN: 0073378755
Copyright year: 2010


If you think that Teachers, Schools, and Society was written to introduce you to the world of teaching, you are only half right. This book also reflects our excitement about a life in the classroom and is intended to spark your own fascination about working with children. We wrote this book to share with you the joys and the challenges we feel about teaching, as well as the importance of fairness and justice in school and society. With this ninth edition, our goals remain the same as those of previous editions. We work hard to provide you with information that is both current and concise, and we work even harder to create an engaging book—one that will give you a sense of the wonderful possibilities found in a career in the classroom.

Teachers, Schools, and Society is designed for introductory courses in education. The primary intent of such a course is to provide a broad yet detailed exposure to the realities of teaching and the role of education in our society. The text will help you answer important questions such as: Do I want to become a teacher? What do I need to become the best teacher possible? What should a professional in the field of education know? To help you answer those questions, we offer a panoramic and (we hope) stimulating view of education.

For more information on changes in the Ninth Edition, click the link below for the “Preface” where you’ll find chapter by chapter changes.”

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