American Democracy Now, 2e
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American Democracy Now, 2/e

Brigid Callahan Harrison, Montclair State University
Jean Wahl Harris, University of Scranton

ISBN: 0073379077
Copyright year: 2011

Student performance sets the stage for learning. With American Democracy Now, students will perform better in American Government. Using a groundbreaking adaptive diagnostic tool to help students identify what they know and don’t know, American Democracy Now connects students to an individualized learning environment that builds confidence in content knowledge. Better performance leads to better student engagement and ultimately the kind of classroom where students apply critical thinking.

By individually guiding students through a learning plan and giving instructors assessment tools needed to ensure student understanding of American Government, American Democracy Now replicates a one-on-one learning environment. With relevant interactivities for each of the concrete learning objectives, students are challenged to apply their knowledge of content by critically analyzing American Government.

Harrison:  American Democracy Now, 2nd Edition

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