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Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems, 4/e
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What's New

The fourth edition of Introduction of Mechatronics and Measurement Systems has been improved, updated, and expanded beyond the previous edition. Additions and new features include:

  • New sections throughout the book dealing with the "practical considerations" of mechatronic system design and implementation, including circuit construction, electrical measurements, power supply options, general integrated circuit design, and PIC microcontroller circuit design.
  • Expanded section on LabVIEW data acquisition, including a complete music sampling example with Web resources.
  • More website resources, including Internet links and online video demonstrations, cited and described throughout the book.
  • Expanded section on Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) includes the basics of ladder logic with examples.
  • Interesting new clipart images next to each Class Discussion Item to help provoke thought and inspire student interest, and to improve the visual look of the book.
  • Additional end-of-chapter questions throughout the book provide more homework and practice options for professors and students.
  • Corrections and many small improvements throughout the entire book.