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Chapter Quiz
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Personal selling can take place in all of the following situations EXCEPT __________.
B)over the Internet
C)video teleconferencing
D)over the telephone
E)direct marketing
Which of the following is one of the benefits associated with a career in sales?
D)measurable performance standards
E)All of the above
Personal selling adds value to a product or service by all of the following EXCEPT:
A)educating customers about uses for the product and alternatives.
B)sharing the companies ethical standards and code of ethics with potential customers to demonstrate the professionalism of sales representatives.
C)providing advice, sometime quite technical, to customers.
D)saving customers time.
E)making things easier for the customer.
In B2B market situations, it is particularly important to:
A)work to undermine the competition in subtle but effective ways.
B)continually find new and potentially profitable customers.
C)provide gifts to purchasing agents and decision makers, but well within company guidelines.
D)know the names and ages of the families of those involved in the buying decisions as well as the personal interests of the buyers.
E)all of the above.
The preapproach stage occurs prior to meeting the customer for the first time and:
A)includes generating new leads
B)extends the qualification of leads procedure.
C)focuses on preparing for the customer's reservations.
D)often leads directly to closing the sale if done properly
E)follows the sales presentation.
Which of the following is NOT one of the important differences between the Personal Selling and B2B buying processes?
A)The B2B process begins with need recognition, while in Personal Selling the representative begins with generating and qualifying leads.
B)The sales representative has the same amount of control in each process.
C)Performance assessment in the B2B buying process has a different set of activities than the Follow-up stage of the Personal Selling Process.
D)Closing the sales requires a different set of skills than used by the company in Order specification.
E)The B2B buying process, unless it is a straight rebuy, will attempt to include a range of competing companies, while the Personal selling process seeks to diminish the impact and importance of competing products or firms.
PDAs, cell phones and the Internet give salespeople the ability to _________________ at almost any time or place.
A)make appointments
B)take orders
C)solve problems
D)get information
E)all of the above
Ethical and legal issues arise in which of the following personal selling areas?
A)The relationship between the sales manager and the sales force
B)Inconsistencies between company policies and the salesperson's ethical comfort zone.
C)Salesperson's interactions with customers.
D)All of the above
E)None of the above
Which of the following is NOT one of the important activities of sales managers?
A)recruiting sales representatives
B)designing and executing sales training programs
C)discovering ways to motivate representatives effectively
D)advising senior management on the advertising budget
E)evaluating performance and taking corrective action if required
Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons companies often employ manufacturers' representatives?
A)when they cannot afford to hire a sales force.
B)when they are small and trying to get established.
C)when company salespeople have captured almost 100 percent of the market.
D)when they want to achieve extensive sales coverage quickly.
E)when entering new markets.
While financial rewards are important, nonfinancial rewards ______________.
A)are only appropriate for veteran sales reps since they no longer needs as many financial rewards
B)can help motivate representatives, especially through recognition programs
C)don't cost the firm any money
D)have relatively low symbolic value because they are nonfinancial
E)All of the above
When evaluating sales people, managers should:
A)focus on those activities and outcomes that the sales people can control.
B)use subjective measures with caution.
C)make sure the objective measures are used in the proper context
D)make sure the measures relate to performance
E)All of the above.

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