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Negotiation, 6/e

Roy J. Lewicki, The Ohio State University
Bruce Barry, Vanderbilt University
David M. Saunders, Queens University

ISBN: 0073381209
Copyright year: 2010

Book Preface

Welcome to the sixth edition of Negotiation!

Those familiar with the fifth edition will note that there has been no substantial change in the fundamental organization of this book. As you are aware, we made substantial changes in the fifth edition, increasing the number of chapters in the book from 13 in the fourth edition to 20 in the fifth edition. This was accomplished by breaking many of the larger chapters, some of which often covered two or three separate major topics, into smaller chapters that focus on a narrower domain. This reorganization was done for two major reasons: first, the research literature in many of these areas continues to increase, requiring a more extensive treatment of that work; second, feedback from instructors indicated that many would use only parts of chapters (e.g., using the section on teams but not on coalitions, or using them in separate weeks of a course). A review of the organization of the chapters can be found at the end of Chapter 1.

While this reorganization was the most visible change, faculty familiar with previous editions will also note the following other changes:

1. All of this book has been revised and updated. The authors reviewed every chapter, utilizing extensive feedback from faculty who have used the book in previous editions. The content in some of the chapters has been reorganized to present the material more effectively.

2. In our continued effort to enhance the book's readability, we have also updated many of the features and cartoons that offer lively perspectives on negotiation dynamics.

3. We have further improved the graphics format and page layout of the book to make it visually more interesting and readable.

4. We have added learning objectives to the beginning of each chapter.

5. The new structure of this book will be paralleled by a significant revision to our readings and classroom activities book, Negotiation: Readings, Exercises and Cases, sixth edition, edited by Roy Lewicki, David Saunders, and Bruce Barry, to appear in 2010. This text and reader can be used together or separately. A shorter version of this text, Essentials of Negotiation (sixth edition), by Roy Lewicki, Bruce Barry, and David Saunders, will be released in 2010 and can also be used in conjunction with the readings book. We encourage instructors to contact their local McGraw-Hill/ Irwin representative for an examination copy (or call 800-634-3963, or visit the Web site at

6. Instructional resources—including a test bank, chapter outlines, PowerPoint slides, and extensive resource materials on teaching negotiation skills for new instructors— are available to accompany this volume. Instructors should contact their McGraw-Hill/ Irwin representative.

Once again, this book could not have been completed without the assistance of numerous people. We especially thank

  • Many of our colleagues in the negotiation and dispute resolution field, whose research efforts have made the growth of this field possible and who have given us helpful feedback about earlier editions to improve the content of this edition. Research assistant Amanda Carrico, who provided significant help to author Bruce Barry;
  • The work of John Minton, who helped shape the second, third, and fourth editions of this book and passed away in the fall of 2007.
  • The excellent editorial assistance of Steve Stenner, specifically for his help on copyediting, permissions, and the bibliography and for refining the test bank and Power- Point slides. In addition, Roy Lewicki would like to acknowledge the contributions of Curtis Gutters for his research assistance with locating resource materials, and Bruce Barry thanks his research assistant, Amanda Carrico, whose help on this revision has been invaluable.
  • The staff of McGraw-Hill/Irwin, especially our current editor, Laura Spell, and our previous editors Ryan Blankenship, John Weimeister, John Biernat, Kurt Strand, and Karen Johnson; Jane Beck, Allison Cleland, and Trina Hauger, editorial assistants who can solve almost any problem; and Jodi Dowling, our tireless project manager who turns our confusing instructions and tedious prose into eminently readable and usable volumes!
  • Our families, who continue to provide us with the time, inspiration, and opportunities for continued learning about effective negotiation and the personal support required to sustain this project.

Roy J. Lewicki
Bruce Barry
David M. Saunder

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