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Self-Assessment 8.3: Active Listening Skills Inventory
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Activity 8.3: Active Listening Skills Inventory

The source of this scale is: © Steven L. McShane.

Think back to face-to-face conversations you have had with a coworker or client in the office, hallway, factory floor, or other setting. Indicate the extent that each item in this self-assessment describes your behavior during those conversations. Answer each item as truthfully as possible so that you get an accurate estimate of where your active listening skills need improvement.

I keep an open mind about the speaker's point of view until he/she has finished talking.
While listening, I mentally sort out the speaker's ideas in a way that makes sense to me.
I stop the speaker and give my opinion when I disagree with something he/she has said.
People can often tell when I'm not concentrating on what they are saying.
I don't evaluate what a person is saying until he/she has finished talking.
When someone takes a long time to present a simple idea, I let my mind wander to other things.
I jump into conversations to present my views rather than wait and risk forgetting what I wanted to say.
I nod my head and make other gestures to show I'm interested in the conversation
I can usually keep focused on what people are saying to me even when they don't sound interesting.
Rather than organizing the speaker's ideas, I usually expect the person to summarize them for me
I always say things like "I see" or "uh-huh" so people know that I'm really listening to them
While listening, I concentrate on what is being said and regularly organize the information.
While the speaker is talking, I quickly determine whether I like or dislike his/her ideas.
I pay close attention to what people are saying even when they are explaining something I already know.
I don't give my opinion until I'm sure the other person has finished talking.

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