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The process of filtering information received by our senses is known as ______________.
C)selective attention
When people and objects are organized or grouped into preconceived categories that are carried in our long-term memory, we are most likely engaging in ________________.
A)perceptual organizing
B)social identification
D)categorical thinking
One reason stereotyping occurs is that
A)perceptions of emotion assimilate emotion in thought.
B)tension motivates people to reduce inequity.
C)the target behavior decreases because no consequence follows it.
D)we have a strong need to understand and anticipate how others will behave.
E)we engage in self-inflation of our own ego.
Intentional discrimination refers to ______ toward people belonging to a stereotyped group.
A)personal preferences
B)unfounded negative emotions and attitudes
D)influence on selective attention to characteristics
E)nonbiased practices
The ________________ process examines whether an observed behavior or event resulted because of the person involved or because of factors found in the external environment.
A)self-fulfilling prophecy
C)inductive reasoning
E)contact hypothesis
The self-fulfilling prophecy occurs when
A)our expectations about another person cause that person to act in a way that is consistent with those expectations.
B)we attribute the behavior of other people more to internal that to external factors.
C)our perceptual error leads us to attribute people's favorable outcomes to internal factors and their failures to external factors.
D)we tend to see the person rather than the situation as the cause of the behavior
E)we consider all similar individuals to have the same characteristics
The _________________ occurs when our general impression of a person distorts our perception of the other characteristics of that individual.
A)false-consensus effect
B)encoding fallacy
C)halo effect
D)primacy effect
E)recency effect
Which statement is the most accurate when referring to tacit knowledge?
A)It can be written down and given to others.
B)It is received through indirect methods.
C)It represents the filter through which information passes from the external environment to our brain.
D)It is the least part of what we know.
E)It is embedded in our way of thinking and our actions.
Behavior modification can be defined as
A)a perceptual error in which an individual believes that other people have the same beliefs and behaviors that we do.
B)goal-directed behaviors under the individual's control that support organizational objectives.
C)a set of principles and procedures that help researchers.
D)a theory that explains learning in terms of the antecedents and consequences of behavior.
E)a group of ideas to alter the perceptions of others.
Which aspect of organizational learning is most closely associated with distribution of knowledge to others throughout the organization?
A)Knowledge acquisition
B)Knowledge usage
C)Observation sharing
D)Learning orientation
E)Knowledge sharing

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