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Discussion Questions
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  1. Why should the average manager be well versed in the various motivation theories?

  2. From a practical standpoint, what are the major drawbacks of theories of motivation based on internal factors such as needs and satisfaction?

  3. How have hygiene factors and motivators influenced your job satisfaction and performance?

  4. Have you experienced positive or negative inequity at work? Describe the circumstances in terms of the inputs and outcomes of the comparison person and yourself.

  5. What is your definition of studying hard? What is your expectancy for earning an A on the next exam in this course? What is the basis of this expectancy?

  6. If someone who reported to you at work had a low expectancy for successful performance, what could you do to increase this person's expectancy?

  7. Goal setting research suggests that people should be given difficult goals. How does this prescription mesh with expectancy theory? Explain.

  8. How could a professor use equity, expectancy, and goal setting theories to motivate students?

  9. Which of the four types of job design is most likely to be used in the future? Explain your rationale.

  10. What are the three most important lessons about employee motivation that you have learned from this chapter?

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