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Multiple Choice Quiz
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For an individual to experience observational learning, he or she must
A)be rewarded immediately after performing an action.
B)imitate the behavior of a model.
C)be rewarded for every third instance of a behavior.
D)have other people observe and imitate one's own behavior.
The model in observational learning is the person who
A)follows the behavior of someone else.
B)is rewarded on a variable schedule.
C)is imitated by the learner.
D)becomes punished for violent behavior.
Dr. Dan Burra is a psychologist who uses observational learning to help parents reduce aggressiveness in their children. The first step that he recommends is that parents
A)help their children remember the behavior.
B)use punishment to decrease aggressiveness.
C)point out the positive features of a non-aggressive model.
D)demonstrate the aggressive behavior they are trying to reduce.
Psychologist Albert Bandura is most closely associated with
A)classical conditioning.
B)operant conditioning.
C)partial reinforcement.
D)observational learning.
Which of the following is an example of observational learning?
A)A little girl is spanked for grabbing her sister's hair.
B)Students in a classroom have their recess taken away until they can be quiet.
C)Young women wear clothes styled like those of a popular actress.
D)A piano student becomes proficient at a new piece of music.

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