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Multiple Choice Quiz
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According to the researcher in the video, attachment theory describes the ________ of the bond between a caregiver and a child.
D)all of the above
Which of the following would least concern a psychologist who conducts a naturalistic observation study?
A)People react negatively to the psychologist's manipulation of variables.
B)Behaviors are coded in a consistent way for all those who are observed.
C)Behaviors that are coded have been defined in specific ways.
D)Whether or not people display the behaviors of interest during an observation period.
In general, which of the following is a primary reason why psychologists conduct research?
A)To test hypotheses about behavior.
B)To test theories about behavior.
C)To write books and journal articles.
D)A and B.
Which of the following statements reflect a concern that some psychologists have about naturalistic observational studies?
A)Behavior cannot be measured consistently in these studies.
B)Psychologists do not have methodological control in these studies.
C)These studies cannot be used to test hypotheses.
D)A and B.
Jackie wants to study how managers in real organizations resolve conflicts in teams. She decides to conduct a naturalistic observational study. Her first step will be to
A)select the organizations and managers that will be observed.
B)define the behaviors of interest and create a coding system.
C)collect information that is related to her research topic.
D)decide which variables she will manipulate as the managers resolve conflict.

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