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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Research suggests that compared with people living in the early 1900s, Jayson's gender stereotypes are likely
A)more negative.
B)more positive.
C)more neutral.
D)very similar.
Research suggests that gender roles
A)are universal across cultures.
B)are specific to each culture.
C)have little effect on people's behavior.
D)have little effect on people's cognitions.
Dorothy has always been told that women should be submissive and willing to please men. According to research on gender stereotypes, what is the most likely consequence of this stereotype?
A)Dorothy's gender-related behaviors will not change because of the stereotype.
B)Dorothy will not change the way she thinks about gender because of the stereotype.
C)Dorothy will disconfirm the stereotype by behaving assertively.
D)Dorothy will fulfill the stereotype by acting in submissive ways.
Lydia believes that members of a particular ethnic group are overly violent and sexually promiscuous. Her belief reflects
A)gender role.
B)a prototype.
C)a stereotype.
Jose completes a task similar to the one that you performed in this interactivity. Which of the following stimuli will Jose link together most quickly?
A)Man = Nurture
B)Man = Nurse
C)Woman = Aggression
D)Woman = Emotion

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