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Discipline-Specific Resources in Print and Online
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The list that follows will help you get started doing research in specific disciplines. Both print and electronic resources are listed because you should use both types in your research. (Print entries precede electronic entries.) Most major academic disciplines have computerized bibliographies, databases, and indexes that you can access through your college's library.

Note: Remember that Web addresses change frequently. If you get the 4040 (File not found) message, try doing a search for the page using a search engine, or look for the URL on this handbook's Web site, which is updated frequently.

Abstracts in Anthropology
Annual Review of Anthropology
Dictionary of Anthropology
Encyclopedia of World Cultures American Anthropological Association
National Anthropology Archives
WWW Virtual Library: Anthropology

Art and Architecture
Art Abstracts
Art Index
BHA: Bibliography of the History of Art
Encyclopedia of World Art
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Art
The Louvre
The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)
The National Gallery of Art(Washington, D.C.)
Voice of the Shuttle Art History and Architecture

Biological Abstracts
Biological and Agricultural Index
Encyclopedia of the Biological Sciences
Henderson's Dictionary of Biological Terms
Zoological Record
Biology Online
Harvard University Biology Links
National Science Foundation: Biology

Accounting and Tax Index
Encyclopedia of Business
Information Sources
Business Periodicals
Business and Industry
Newslink Business Newspapers

Chemical Abstracts (CASEARCH)
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Chemistry
Van Nostrand Reinhold Encyclopedia of Chemistry
American Chemical Society
Sheffield ChemDex
WWW Virtual Library: Chemistry

Oxford Classical Dictionary
Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites
Perseus Digital Library

Communications and Journalism
Mass Media Bibliography
Communication Abstracts International
Encyclopedia of Communications
Journalism Abstracts
American Communication Association
Journalism and Mass Communications Abstracts
The Poynter Institute

Computer Science and Technology
Computer Abstracts
Dictionary of Computing
Encyclopedia of Computer Science
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
FOLDOC (Free Online Dictionary of Computing)
MIT Laboratory Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
TechXtra: Engineering, Mathematics, and Computing

Cultural Studies, American and Ethnic Studies
Encyclopedia of World Cultures
Dictionary of American Negro Biography
Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America
Mexican American Biographies
American Studies Association
National Museum of the American Indian
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture sc/sc.html
Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

PAIS: Public Affairs Information Service
Resources for Economists on the Internet
Internet Resources for Economists
Resources for Economists on the Internet

Dictionary of Education
Education Index
Encyclopedia of Educational Research
International Encyclopedia of Education
Resources in Education
The Educator's Reference Desk
U.S. Department of Education

Applied Science and Technology Index
Engineering Index
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Engineering
IEEE Spectrum
TechXtra: Engineering, Mathematics, and Computing

Environmental Sciences
Dictionary of the Environment
Encyclopedia of Energy, Technology, and the Environment
Encyclopedia of the Environment
Environment Abstracts
Environment Index
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Dictionary of Film Terms
The Film Encyclopedia
Film Index International
Film Literature Index
Internet Movie Database

Geographical Abstracts
Longman Dictionary of Geography
Modern Geography: An Encyclopedic Survey
CIA World Factbook
Resources for Geographers

Bibliography and Index of Geology
Challinor's Dictionary of Geology
The Encyclopedia of Field and General Geology
American Geological Institute
U.S. Geological Survey

Health and Medicine
American Medical Association Encyclopedia of Medicine
Cumulated Index Medicus
Medical and Health Information Directory
Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews
PubMed Central
U.S. National Library of Medicine
World Health Organization

America: History and Life
Dictionary of Historical Terms
Encyclopedia of American History
An Encyclopedia of World History
Historical Abstracts
Electronic Documents in History
History Cooperative
NARA Archival Research Catalog

Languages and Linguistics
Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language
An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Language and Languages
International Encyclopedia of Linguistics
LLBA: Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts
MLA International Bibliography
Center for Applied Linguistics
SIL International Linguistics

Concise Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms
MLA International Bibliography
The New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics
Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia Library
Project Gutenberg
Voice of the Shuttle

American Statistics Index
Facts on File Dictionary of Mathematics
International Dictionary of Applied Mathematics
Mathematical Reviews (MathSciNet)
American Mathematical Society
Math Forum
TechXtra: Engineering, Mathematics, and Computing

Music Index
New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
New Oxford Companion to Music
New Oxford Dictionary of Music
RILM Abstracts of Music Literature

Dictionary of Philosophy
Philosopher's Index
Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
American Philosophical Association

Dictionary of Physics
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Physics
Physics Abstracts American Institute of Physics
American Physical Society
Institute of Physics

Political Science
Almanac of American Politics
Congressional Quarterly Almanac
Encyclopedia of Government and Politics
International Political Science Abstracts
Political Resources on the Web
Public Affairs Information Service (PAIS)
Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet
United Nations

International Dictionary of Psychology
International Encyclopedia of Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychoanalysis, and Neurology
Psychological Abstracts
American Psychological Association
American Psychological Society
Encyclopedia of Psychology

ATLA Religion
Dictionary of Bible and Religion
Encyclopedia of Religion
Religions and Scriptures

Annual Review of Sociology
Encyclopedia of Social Work
Encyclopedia of Sociology
Sociological Abstracts
Academic Info Sociology: Databases and Centers
American Sociological Association
The SocioWeb

Theater and Dance
International Encyclopedia of the Dance
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Drama
American Theater Web
The WWW Virtual Library: Theatre and Drama

Women's Studies
Women Studies Abstracts
Women's Studies: A Guide to Information Sources
Women's Studies Encyclopedia
Feminist Majority Foundation Online
National Women's History Project

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