The Unfinished Nation
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The Unfinished Nation: A Concise History of the American People, 6/e

Alan Brinkley, Columbia University

ISBN: 0073385522
Copyright year: 2010

What's New

New Series of Patterns of Popular Culture Essays: A new series of Patterns of Popular Culture essays provides students with a more complete context for the political and economic events of American history. Topics like “Taverns in Revolutionary America,” “Baseball and the Civil War,” “The Golden Age of Comic Books,” and “The Mall” challenge students to consider concrete ways in which trends in the everyday lives of the American people have shaped our nation's history.

Additional America in the World Essays: Four new “ America in the World” essays strengthen coverage of America in a global context. New essays on “The First Global War,” “Mercantilism,” “The End of Colonialism,” and “The Global Environmental Movement” model a historical understanding that recognizes the ways in which our history has, and continues to be, woven together with that of other nations.

Expanded coverage of pre-Columbian America: New content on pre-Columbian America in Chapter 1 enhances the text's treatment of environmental history and provides additional context for the events of the early American past.

Update on events in the 21st century: Chapter 32 brings the text up to date on new developments in 21st century America, including the war in Iraq; George W. Bush's second term; the collapse of the mortgage market and subsequent recession; and the first 100 days of Barack Obama's presidency.

Streamlined organization: The sixth edition of The Unfinished Nation has been streamlined and condensed into 32 chapters to make it easier for instructors to fit each volume into a semester.

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