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The Elusive Eden, 4/e
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The Elusive Eden: A New History of California, 4/e

Richard B. Rice, Professor Emeritus, Cal State – East Bay
William A. Bullough, Professor Emeritus, Cal State – East Bay
Richard J. Orsi, Professor Emeritus, Cal State – East Bay
Mary Ann Irwin, California Comm. Clgs – Adjunct Faculty


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The Elusive Eden charts the historical development of California, beginning with landscape and climate and the development of Native cultures, and continues through the census of 2010 and the election of Jerry Brown to his third term as governor. Elusive Eden portrays a land of remarkable richness and complexity, settled by waves of people with diverse cultures from around the world. The text is organized in 10 parts; each part develops a major theme or issue in the chronological development of the state. In Parts II through IX the first chapter is an in-depth narrative that spotlights an individual or group at a critical moment of historical change. In Parts I and X the first chapter frames the narrative and helps to place California's whole story in context.

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