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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Which of the following is an argument empiricists offer against innate ideas?
A)Even the rationalists themselves disagree over what ideas are supposed to be innate.
B)Not everyone possesses these so-called self-evident truths.
C)Universally known truths can be explained without positing innate ideas.
D)All of the above
According to Locke, which of the following is an example of a secondary quality?
Consider the computer screen in front of you. What would Berkeley say this screen is?
A)an unknowable substratum
B)an imperfect copy of a Universal/Form
C)a material substance
D)a mind-dependent collection of ideas
According to Berkeley, which of the following correctly states the cause of your idea of this computer screen?
A)Matter interacting with your sense organs causes your idea.
B)Your idea is innate.
C)God is the cause of your idea.
D)Your idea stems from your own imagination.
Which of the following does Hume think we can know?
A)mental substances and their ideas but not material substances
B)only the subjective contents of our individual minds
C)material substances and mental substances
D)material substances, mental substances, and even realms completely beyond our sense experience

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