Music: An Appreciation
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Music: An Appreciation, Brief, 6/e

Roger Kamien, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

ISBN: 007340134x
Copyright year: 2008

Whether from a concert stage or at the front of a classroom, Roger Kamien knows how to reach an audience--blending intelligence and passion to lift music from the page and bring it to life. His unique combination of artistic and teaching skills makes Music: An Appreciation, Brief Edition an invaluable tool for students wanting to learn more about music.

This best-selling textbook introduces students to perceptive listening and provides an engaging introduction to musical elements, forms, and stylistic periods. It is organized chronologically, but individual sections can be addressed in any order, for a variety of teaching approaches. Musical notation is included but is not required to understand the popular listening guides featured in the text, which focus students’ attention on musical events as they unfold.

This edition moves the content of the companion multi-media CD-ROM to the Online Learning Center providing open access for all students to the many activities, video instrument demonstrations, and additional recordings.

Kamien - Music: An Appreciation, Sixth Brief Edition

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