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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Livor mortis is caused by
A)blows from a blunt object.
C)gunshot wounds.
D)settling of the blood.
The study of insects associated with a dead body, which is used to determine the elapsed time since death is called
Which of the following is a characteristic of an entry gunshot wound?
A)The wound is usually larger than exit wounds.
B)The wound is normally smaller in diameter than the projectile that makes the wound.
C)The wound does not have a gray ring around it.
D)Entry gunshot wounds to the head are always fatal.
In a drowning case, which of the following may occur in drowning victims?
A)The mastoid cells of the ear have hemorrhaged.
B)There may be water in the stomach and duodenum.
C)Algae and other marine particles may be found in the stomach and adhering to the sides of the air passages.
D)All of the preceding may be found in a drowning victim.
The so-called pugilistic attitude of the body is
A)a natural result of the dehydrating effect caused by the heat from the fire.
B)an indicator that the victim was attempting to fight off his attacker when he died.
C)commonly seen in older victims but less common in those under the age of 45.
D)may be any of the preceding depending on the temperature of the fire and how long the victim was alive after the fire began.
Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) database is invaluable to cold case investigators in what way?
A)It provides a listing of possible suspects categorized by crime.
B)It provides a listing of possible suspects categorized by modus operandi (M.O.).
C)It has a file of DNA samples provided by suspects who fit certain categories of crime convictions and must donate their DNA to the database.
D)It works in conjunction with NCIC to provide information on possible suspects.

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