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Basic Statistics for Business and Economics, 7/e

Douglas A. Lind, Coastal Carolina University
William C. Marchal, University of Toledo
Samuel A. Wathen, Coastal Carolina University

Welcome to the Student Edition of the Basic Statistics for Business and Economics, 7e Online Learning Center.

Lind/Marchal/Wathen Basic Statistics for Business and Economics, 7e is the basic version of Statistical Techniques in Business & Economics 14e, our market best seller. Like the 14th edition, the 7th edition contains comprehensive coverage of statistical tools and methods delivered in a student friendly, step-by-step format but in a shorter, “essential” version of the big book. The text is non-threatening and presents concepts clearly in a conversational writing style. Statistical concepts are illustrated with solved applied examples. The text maintains a focus on presenting statistics content first and using software as tools to support interpretation of data and results.

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