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Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics, 15/e

Douglas A. Lind, Coastal Carolina University
William G. Marchal, University of Toledo
Samuel A. Wathen, Coastal Carolina University

ISBN: 0073401803
Copyright year: 2012

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 What Is Statistics?
Chapter 2 Describing Data: Frequency Tables, Frequency Distributions, and Graphic Presentation
Chapter 3 Describing Data: Numerical Measures
Chapter 4 Describing Data: Displaying and Exploring Data
Chapter 5 A Survey of Probability Concepts
Chapter 6 Discrete Probability Distributions
Chapter 7 Continuous Probability Distributions
Chapter 8 Sampling Methods and the Central Limit Theorem
Chapter 9 Estimation and Confidence Intervals
Chapter 10 One-Sample Tests of Hypothesis
Chapter 11 Two-Sample Tests of Hypothesis
Chapter 12 Analysis of Variance
Chapter 13 Correlation and Linear Regression
Chapter 14 Multiple Regression Analysis
Chapter 15 Index Numbers
Chapter 16 Time Series and Forecasting
Chapter 17 Nonparametric Methods: Goodness-of-Fit Tests
Chapter 18 Nonparametric Methods: Analysis of Ranked Data
Chapter 19 Statistical Process Control and Quality Management
Chapter 20 An Introduction to Decision Theory (Web only)

Lind Fifteenth Edition Small Cover

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