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MegaStat® website
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MegaStat by J. B. Orris of Butler University is a full-featured Excel add-in that is available on CD and on the MegaStat website at It works with Excel 2003, 2007, and 2010. On the website, students have 10 days to successfully download and install MegaStat on their local computer. Once installed, MegaStat will remain active in Excel with no expiration date or time limitations. The software performs statistical analyses within an Excel workbook. It does basic functions, such as descriptive statistics, frequency distributions, and probability calculations as well as hypothesis testing, ANOVA, and regression.

MegaStat output is carefully formatted and ease-of-use features include Auto Expand for quick data selection and Auto Label detect. Since MegaStat is easy to use, students can focus on learning statistics without being distracted by the software. MegaStat is always available from Excel’s main menu. Selecting a menu item pops up a dialog box. MegaStat works with all recent versions of Excel, including Excel 2007 and Excel 2010. Screencam tutorials are included that provide a walkthrough of major business statistics topics. Help files are built in, and an introductory user’s manual is also included.

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