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Multiple Choice Quiz
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A term that indicates when two codes may be required to report a condition.
A)Code first underlying disease
B)Mandatory multiple coding
C)Code to highest level of specificity
D)See additional code
A combination code DOES NOT classify:
A)Two diagnoses
B)A diagnosis with an associated manifestation
C)A diagnosis with an associated complication
D)Documentation identifying separate etiologies of two diagnoses
The ICD-9-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting are also printed in the
A)Medicare Manual
B)Coding Clinic® for ICD-9-CM
C)Tabular List
D)Alphabetic Index
The steps in the basic coding process are
A)Locate the diagnosis in the Tabular List and verify it in the Alphabetic Index
B)Locate the diagnosis in the Alphabetic Index and verify it in the Tabular List
C)Locate the diagnosis in the Coding Clinic® and verify it in the Tabular List
D)Locate the diagnosis in a medical dictionary and verify it in the Alphabetic Index
The ICD-9-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting uses codes 001 through V84.8 to identify all but:
If a diagnosis is not readily established for a patient's condition, the provider may code:
A)Late effects
B)Signs and symptoms
C)Impending conditions
D)Causal conditions
If the provider determines that the patient's signs/symptoms are integral to the medical condition, then the provider will:
A)Assign a separate code for the sign/symptom
B)Determine the patient's signs/symptoms
C)Not code the sign/symptom separately
D)Request a consultation
Mandatory multiple coding refers to:
A)Reports required by CDC
B)Using two codes to report a condition
C)Determining the signs and symptoms
D)The See also convention
The medical illness that has brought on the documented disease is the:
A)Impending condition
B)Causal condition
C)Sign and symptom of the disease
D)External cause of illness or injury
The last step in the acute and chronic conditions code assignment flow chart is:
A)Follow standard coding practices
B)Check to see the indention of both terms
C)Verify both codes in the Tabular List
D)Reference the main term in the alphabetic index

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