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Anatomy & Physiology: Foundations for the Health Professions

Deborah Roiger, M. Ed., St. Cloud Technical College

ISBN: 0073402125
Copyright year: 2013


Instructor Resources

The Online Learning Center ( that is included with this text contains a host of teaching resources at your disposal:

  1. Correlation grid of all Learning Outcomes mapped to CAAHEP and ABHES competencies.

  2. Instructor’s Manual, written by the author, featuring lecture outlines, talking points, group activities, discussion topics, figure numbers, and written assignments for all learning outcomes. This IM also includes one to three quizzes per chapter, as well as answer keys for all review questions in the textbook and workbook.

  3. EZTest Online (, containing nearly 1,500 test questions correlated to chapter learning outcomes, level of difficulty, Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy, and relevant CAAHEP/ABHES competencies.

  4. PowerPoint presentations, with images, photos, and instructor talking points.

  5. Image library, containing all art and photos in the text. Every labeled figure is available both with and without the labels filled in.

  6. Lesson plan, with hot links to all the content and resources that are tied to each learning outcome.

  7. Review Guide, which lists each learning outcome with space for the student to take and organize notes.


A full-color workbook is available for purchase for additional practice. This workbook includes the following features to reinforce the lessons that students learn in each chapter of the text.

  • Learning outcomes from the textbook are repeated in the workbook for each chapter. As with the textbook, all activities in the workbook are tied to the learning outcomes.

  • Coloring Book pages help students identify and distinguish anatomical structures.

  • Lab Exercises and Activities allow students to explore difficult concepts.

  • Key Word Concept Maps repeat the key words from the textbook and help students process this content in a visual organization.

  • Review questions include higher levels of Bloom's taxonomy and cover all chapter outcomes. Questions are in multiple-select, matching, completion, and critical-thinking formats.

  • Chapter Mapping helps students find relevant text, figures, activities, concept maps, and review questions for each chapter outcome.

Instructors: To experience this product firsthand, contact your McGraw-Hill Education Learning Technology Specialist.