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Principles of Microeconomics

James D. Miller, Smith College

ISBN: 0073402834
Copyright year: 2009

James D. Miller's Principles of Microeconomics is written on the premise that Microeconomics should fascinate. The book was written to read more like a non-fiction book than a traditional textbook, and uses engaging and sometimes irreverent examples to capture student interest. Miller 1e aims to introduce concepts clearly with a realistic world view, so students are able to reconcile economic theory with their immediate surroundings.

Uniquely, Miller 1e makes use of many original, fictional stories to explain and complement the material. The stories do not displace analysis of traditional microeconomic theory; they stimulate student interest and provide an intuitive introduction to numerous concepts.

Rather than implicitly assume that politicians always put the common good ahead of their own self-interests as most texts do, Miller 1e uses public choice theory to present a realistic view of politicians and their effect on economics.

In addition, while many texts ignore, or briefly cover, the important topic of Innovation, Miller 1e considers the powerful force of Innovation extensively in the text, addressing it in over half of the chapters, and creating an instant tie-in for today’s digital-age students.

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