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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Which of the following is not one of the commonly heard comments of project managers?
A)Where did this project come from?
B)Why are we doing this project?
C)How can all these projects be first priority?
D)Why is this project so strongly linked to the strategic plan?
E)Where are we going to get the resources to do this project?
Strategy considered to be under purview of senior management is
A)Old school thinking
B)A new school of management thought
C)Necessary in a company structure
D)Beneficial to the Project Manager
E)Dependent on company goals
The intended outcome of strategy/projects integration is
A)Clear organization focus
B)Best use of scarce organization resources
C)Improved communication across projects and departments
D)Both A and C are correct
E)A, B, and C are all correct
Project managers who do not understand the role that their project plays in accomplishing the organization's strategy tend to make all the following mistakes except:
A)Focusing on low priority problems
B)Overemphasizing technology as an end in and of itself
C)Focusing on the immediate customer
D)Trying to solve every customer issue
E)All the above are likely mistakes
The textbook indicated that ________ is the major dimension of strategic management.
A)Responding to changes in the external market
B)Allocating scarce resources of the organization
C)Beating competition to the market
D)Both a and b are correct
E)Both a and c are correct
Which of the following questions does the organization's mission statement answer?
A)What are our long-term strategies?
B)What are our long-term goals and objectives?
C)How do we operate in the existing environment?
D)What do we want to become?
E)All of these are answered by the mission statement
Strategy formulation includes which of the following activities?
A)Determining alternatives
B)Creating profitability targets
C)Evaluating alternatives
D)Both a and c are correct
E)A, B, and C are all correct
The assessment of the external and internal environments is called _______ analysis.
A)SWOT analysis
Which of the following is not one of the requirements for successful implementation of strategies through projects?
A)Allocation of resources
B)Prioritizing of projects
C)Motivation of project contributors
D)Adequate planning and control systems
E)All of these are requirements
Susie's department is implementing many projects. She finds herself starting and stopping work on one task to go and work on another task, and then return to the work on the original task. Susie is experiencing
A)Poor scheduling
B)Excess work burden
C)Flexible tasking
Project selection criteria are typically classified as:
A)Financial and non-financial
B)Short-term and long-term
C)Strategic and tactical
D)Required and optional
E)Cost and schedule
Which of the following is not one of the classifications for assessing a project portfolio?
A)Sacred cow
E)White elephants
Which of the following is the reason(s) why project managers need to understand their organization's mission and strategy?
A)To make appropriate decisions and adjustments
B)To be effective project advocates
C)To be able to get their job done
D)Both A and B are correct
E)A, B, and C are all correct
Which of the following is not true of multi-weighted scoring models?
A)Will include quantitative criteria
B)Will include qualitative criteria
C)Each criterion is assigned a weight
D)Projects with higher scores are considered more desirable
E)All of the above are true
Which of the following is a common multicriteria selection model?
B)Net Present Value
C)Weighted criteria model
D)Both A and C are correct
E)All of these are common multicriteria selection models

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