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A dog sitting in the hot sun on a back porch starts to pant. Panting is a mechanism of heat loss similar to perspiring in humans. This is an example of which characteristic of life?
A)Energy use
B)Maintenance of internal consistency
D)Growth and development
In a garden, a decaying stump of wood is used by wasps for building burrows where they deposit developing eggs. In addition, there are several different types of fungi growing on the stump. The fungi and wasps are an example of a(n) ______________.
What kingdoms are represented in this figure?
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A)Plantae and Animalia
C)Protista, Archeae, and Bacteria
D)Plantae, Animalia, and Archeae
E)Both (a) and (b).
The Norwegian Elkhound is an ancient breed of hunting dog. Its coat consists of two layers: an underlying dense smooth coat and an overlying black-tipped protective guard coat. The thick undercoat keeps the dogs warm even when hunting moose and bear in the middle of the Norwegian winter. This is an example of ____________.
B)natural selection
C)an adaptation
D)genetic mutations
A scientist is studying a parasitic protist found in lakes in southern Africa. What Domain and Kingdom is he studying?
A)Domain Archeae, Kingdom Animalia
B)Domain Bacteria, Kingdom Protista
C)Domain Animalia, Kingdom Fungi
D)Domain Eukarya, Kingdom Protista
E)Domain Protista, Kingdom Plantae
From the previous question, the parasitic protist would be considered a(n) ___________.
A student is determining the influence of different types of food on growth rates in spiders. She feeds one group of spiders two caterpillars twice a week. The other group receives similarly-sized beetles twice a week. She records the amount of time required for individuals to reach sexual maturity. Her hypothesis is that the spiders feeding on caterpillars will have a faster growth rate because caterpillars have a higher protein content compared to beetles. In this experiment, what is the independent variable?
A)Spiders assigned to different feeding groups.
B)Time required to reach sexual maturity.
C)Number of prey items fed twice a week.
D)Growth rates of each group.
In the previous experiment, what would be an example of a standardized variable?
A)Spiders assigned to different feeding groups.
B)Time required to reach sexual maturity.
C)Number of prey items fed twice a week.
D)Growth rates of each group.
In summarizing her results, the student reports that the spiders fed on caterpillars reach sexual maturity two weeks before spiders fed on beetles. In her conclusion, the student correctly states that ______________.
A)her results provide support for her theory
B)it is a known fact that caterpillars lead to faster growth rates in all spiders
C)her results prove that her hypothesis is true
D)her results provide evidence in support of her hypothesis
E)her results are inconclusive
From the "Apply it Now" section, what is the dependent variable in the experiment with saccharin?
A)Number of rats fed saccharin in their diet
B)Number of male and female rats
C)Number of rats with and without tumors
D)The amount of saccharin in the diet
E)The number of offspring produced by each group

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