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Chapter Opener Excerpt
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Information about this Excerpt and the Author:
This description of the covert practice of self-injury is taken from Patricia A. Adler and Peter Alder's extensive research on the little-known behavior and its social underpinnings. The Adlers' work on self-injury reflects all three major sociological approaches, and taken as a whole illustrates the enormous breadth of the field of sociology. Patricia A. Adler is Professor of Sociology at the University of Colorado and Peter Adler is Professor of Sociology at the University of Denver. Their many books include Peer Power: Preadolescent Culture and Identity and Backboards and Blackboards: College Athletes and Role Engulfment.

Title: " The Demedicalization of Self-Injury: From Psychopathology to Sociological Deviance"
Authors: Patricia A. Adler and Peter Adler
Journal: Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 36 (October 2007):537-570

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