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Experience Psychology

Laura A. King, University of Missouri---Columbia

ISBN: 0073405477
Copyright year: 2010

Feature Summary

  • What is your experience with students' completion or comprehension of the assigned reading?
  • Experience Psychology provides an adaptive questioning diagnostic that ensures students understand the key concepts in the chapter. Whether they use this dynamic resource before or after class (or doing the reading), your students will read more and more effectively.
  • With Experience Psychology, your students hear the story of the science of psychology from an engaging author who speaks to them personally and directly, actively drawing them into the reading.
  • How many students come to your course less than adequately prepared for the experience of a college psychology survey?
  • A recent survey of professors by the Chronicle of Higher Education showed that 84 percent believe their students are “unprepared’’ or only “somewhat prepared’’ to pursue a college degree.

    The dynamic adaptive questioning diagnostic quickly shows students they are not likely to perform as well as they would like--or as previous performance might predict--if they are only "reading" the text to memorize key terms, facts, and people. Applied and conceptual items are included in this diagnostic system, along with purely factual questions to ensure students are prepared to perform to your expectations before the reckoning of the first big exam. At-a-glance visual reporting allows you to quickly identify students who are struggling or even entire sections that might be lagging.
  • Laura King provides a variety of means within the text to ensure students are prepared to meet the demands of Introductory Psychology. Section previews prepare students for the reading ahead and section-ending Self-Quizzes give them an opportunity to check their understanding of key concepts. End-of-chapter Self-Tests serve a similar purpose. Marginal notes from the author alert students to pay additional attention to concepts students often find difficult or "tricky." Biological art acetates are built into the text to help students in one of the typically difficult areas by allowing them to build from basic to more complex structures.
  • How has the experience of teaching introductory psychology changed over the past 5-10 years? What are you doing differently to address the changing nature of students as well as changes in personnel, technology, etc.?
  • Through thousands of hours of research with you and your students, we have identified some consistent trends that are nearly universal. At the top of the list, clearly time is at a premium as faculty are stretched thinner and asked to do more with less. Experience Psychology is ideal for this environment as its flexibility allows instructors to use as little or as much (or none) of the digital component as they choose. Turnkey course setups are available almost immediately, or the course can be customized at virtually any level of granularity. This makes Experience Psychology perfect for face-to-face, online, or hybrid course delivery.
  • Experience Psychology's recurring features such as Challenge Your Thinking, Intersection, and Do It! exercises complement the on-line tools by encouraging active engagement with the assigned reading as well as critical thinking. Their inclusion in the text means less time spent by you looking for current debates in psychological research for discussion and development of critical thinking skills (Challenge Your Thinking), connections between subfields that show students psychology is interconnected and not a series of unrelated topics or chapters (Intersection), and hands-on exercises students can do in and out of the classroom to apply the science of psychology (Do It!).
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