Experience Psychology
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Experience Psychology

Laura A. King, University of Missouri---Columbia

ISBN: 0073405477
Copyright year: 2010

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1--The Science of Psychology
Defining Psychology and Exploring its Roots
Contemporary Approaches to Psychology
Psychology's Scientific Method
Types of Psychological Research
Research Samples and Settings
Conducting Ethical Research
Learning About Psychology Means Learning About You
CHAPTER 2--The Brain and Behavior
The Nervous System
Structures of the Brain and Their Functions
The Endocrine System
Brain Damage, Plasticity, and Repair
Genetics and Behavior
CHAPTER 3--Sensation and Perception
How We Sense and Perceive the World
The Visual System
The Auditory System
Other Senses
CHAPTER 4--States of Consciousness
The Nature of Consciousness
Sleep and Dreams
Psychoactive Drugs
CHAPTER 5--Learning
Types of Learning
Classical Conditioning
Operant Conditioning
Observational Learning
Cognitive Factors in Learning
Biological, Cultural, and Psychological Factors in Learning
CHAPTER 6--Memory
The Nature of Memory
Memory Encoding
Memory Storage
Memory Retrieval
Tips from the Science of Memory, for Studying and for Life
CHAPTER 7--Thinking, Intelligence, and Language
The Cognitive Revolution in Psychology
CHAPTER 8--Human Development
Exploring Human Development
Child Development
Emerging Adulthood, Adult Development, and Aging
CHAPTER 9--Motivation
Theories of Motivation
Hunger and Sex
Beyond Hunger and Sex: Approaches to Motivation in Everyday Life
Motivation and Emotion: The Pursuit of Happiness
CHAPTER 10--Personality
Psychodynamic Perspectives
Humanistic Perspectives
Trait Perspectives
Personological and Life Story Perspectives
Social Cognitive Perspectives
Biological Perspectives
Personality Assessment
CHAPTER 11--Social Psychology
Social Cognition
Social Behavior
Social Influence
Intergroup Relations
Close Relationships
CHAPTER 12--Psychological Disorders
Defining and Explaining Abnormal Behavior
Anxiety Disorders
Mood Disorders
Eating Disorders
Dissociative Disorders
Personality Disorders
Combating Stigma
CHAPTER 13--Therapies
Biological Therapies
Sociocultural Approaches and Issues in Treatment
The Effectiveness of Psycho therapy
CHAPTER 14--Health Psychology
Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
Making Positive Life Changes
Resources for Effective Life Change
Toward a Healthier Mind (and Body): Controlling Stress
Toward a Healthier Body (and Mind): Behaving as If Your Life Depends upon It
Psychology and Your Good Life

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