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Your sister and brother-in-law both work for the same internationally-based company which has branches in fifty countries and every continent around the world. Your sister has confided in you that they would like to have children but are concerned about balancing work and family obligations. Using your knowledge of socioemotional development, what information could you give them about childcare and family options? Be sure to include a discussion of variations in child care and parental leave. Base your advice on the available research examining the impact of childcare on a child's emotional and social development.
Your local YMCA has asked you to talk to their daycare personnel about working with infants and young children. They have specifically asked you to explain the role of attachment in healthy socioemotional development. As such, you need to develop an educational program that explains what attachment is, the research supporting a notion of attachment, the different forms of attachment, and ways to help a child develop secure attachment. What will you tell the daycare staff? Explain the key features of attachment in relation to a child's socioemotional development.
A friend of yours has a 2-week-old baby at home; she is worried that something is wrong with her baby as the baby cries quite frequently. Your friend wonders if her baby is sick or in pain. Using your knowledge of infant development, explain the various roles of crying to your friend. Explain to your friend how she can distinguish between the various cries of her baby.
Research on infant personality has identified three primary temperament types: easy, difficult, and slow-to-warm-up. Provide a behavioral description of an infant who demonstrates each of these temperament types. How would you apply the goodness of fit model to work with children according to their temperamental styles?
Erikson's theory of personality development emphasizes the psychosocial conflicts that individuals experience throughout the lifespan. Explain how young children develop trust and independence based upon Erikson's theory. Provide an example of each of the psychosocial conflicts experienced during the first two years of life.

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