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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Which of the following is representative of the "First Wave" of feminist philosophy?
A)Simone de Beauvoir
B)Julis Kristeva
C)Harriet Taylor
D)Nel Noddings
What is one reason feminist epistemologists are suspicious of the concept of the ideal knower as dispassionate, objective, and purely rational?
A)These qualities are of no value in the pursuit of knowledge and truth.
B)Too many real people are like that, and they don't know much.
C)Even supposedly objective scientists are influenced by their own prejudices and biases.
D)They aren't suspicious of this concept at all.
Who wrote: "One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman"?
A)Mary Wollstonecraft
B)Simone de Beauvoir
C)Jacques Lacan
D)Luce Irigaray
According to Mary Wollstonecraft, which of the following virtues should be cultivated in women as well as men?
Which of the following is not a characteristic of the "Third Wave" of feminism?
A)Rejects binary distinctions between men and women
B)Rejects "sex positive" philosophies
C)Supports transsexuals
D)Includes conflicting strands of theory
What tends to be true of words associated with women, their occupations, and their bodies in a male-dominated society?
A)They get devalued and take on demeaning, derogatory, and insulting senses.
B)They get reified into objects beyond the human realm.
C)They vanish from the conversational landscape.
D)They get transformed into male virtues.
According to Julia Kristeva
A)The female semiotic has been devalued.
B)Feminine signification has been marginalized because it threatens the traditionally masculinist symbolic discourse.
C)Religious discourse can create a healing space between symbolic and semiotic.
D)All of the above.
Which of the following developed what she called "maternal thinking"?
A)Nel Noddings
B)Carol Gilligan
C)Nancy Chodorow
D)Sara Ruddick
According to Nancy Chodorow, why do boys often become isolated, separate, and misogynist?
A)Boys are naturally this way due to the presence of greater amounts of testosterone.
B)They are often teased and rejected by girls at a young age.
C)Society requires that boys break personal identification with the mother in order to positionally identify with male gender roles imposed by society.
D)Mass media, advertising, and entertainment combine to produce this result.
Her focus is to demonstrate that language doesn't exist outside the body.
A)Sara Ruddick
B)Hélène Cixous
C)Nancy Chodorow
D)Carol Gilligan

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