Programmable Logic Controllers
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Programmable Logic Controllers, 4/e

Frank Petruzella

ISBN: 0073510882
Copyright year: 2011

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs): An Overview

1.1 Programmable Logic Controllers
1.2 Parts of a PLC
1.3 Principles of Operation
1.4 Modifying the Operation
1.5 PLCs versus Computers
1.6 PLC Size and Application

Chapter 2 PLC Hardware Components

2.1 The I/O Section
2.2 Discrete I/O Modules
2.3 Analog I/O Modules
2.4 Special I/O Modules
2.5 I/O Specifications
2.6 The Central Processing Unit (CPU)
2.7 Memory Design
2.8 Memory Types
2.9 Programming Terminal Devices
2.10 Recording and Retrieving Data
2.11 Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)

Chapter 3 Number Systems and Codes

3.1 Decimal System
3.2 Binary System
3.3 Negative Numbers
3.4 Octal System
3.5 Hexadecimal System
3.6 Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) System
3.7 Gray Code
3.8 ASCII Code
3.9 Parity Bit
3.10 Binary Arithmetic

Chapter 4 Fundamentals of Logic

4.1 The Binary Concept
4.2 AND, OR, and NOT Functions
4.3 Boolean Algebra
4.4 Developing Logic Gate Circuits from Boolean Expressions
4.5 Producing the Boolean Equation for a Given Logic Gate Circuit
4.6 Hardwired Logic versus Programmed Logic
4.7 Programming Word Level Logic Instructions

Chapter 5 Basics of PLC Programming

5.1 Processor Memory Organization
5.2 Program Scan
5.3 PLC Programming Languages
5.4 Relay-Type Instructions
5.5 Instruction Addressing
5.6 Branch Instructions
5.7 Internal Relay Instructions
5.8 Programming Examine If Closed and Examine If Open Instructions
5.9 Entering the Ladder Diagram
5.10 Modes of Operation

Chapter 6 Developing Fundamental PLC Wiring Diagrams and Ladder Logic Programs

6.1 Electromagnetic Control Relays
6.2 Contactors
6.3 Motor Starters
6.4 Manually Operated Switches
6.5 Mechanically Operated Switches
6.6 Sensors
6.7 Output Control Devices
6.8 Seal-In Circuits
6.9 Latching Relays
6.10 Converting Relay Schematics into PLC Ladder Programs
6.11 Writing a Ladder Logic Program Directly from a Narrative Description

Chapter 7 Programming Timers

7.1 Mechanical Timing Relays
7.2 Timer Instructions
7.3 On-Delay Timer Instruction
7.4 Off-Delay Timer Instruction
7.5 Retentive Timer
7.6 Cascading Timers

Chapter 8 Programming Counters

8.1 Counter Instructions
8.2 Up-Counter
8.3 Down-Counter
8.4 Cascading Counters
8.5 Incremental Encoder-Counter Applications
8.6 Combining Counter and Timer Functions

Chapter 9 Program Control Instructions

9.1 Master Control Reset Instruction
9.2 Jump Instruction
9.3 Subroutine Functions
9.4 Immediate Input and Immediate Output Instructions
9.5 Forcing External I/O Addresses
9.6 Safety Circuitry
9.7 Selectable Timed Interrupt
9.8 Fault Routine
9.9 Temporary End Instruction
9.10 Suspend Instruction

Chapter 10 Data Manipulation Instructions

10.1 Data Manipulation
10.2 Data Transfer Operations
10.3 Data Compare Instructions
10.4 Data Manipulation Programs
10.5 Numerical Data I/O Interfaces
10.6 Closed-Loop Control

Chapter 11 Math Instructions

11.1 Math Instructions
11.2 Addition Instruction
11.3 Subtraction Instruction
11.4 Multiplication Instruction
11.5 Division Instruction
11.6 Other Word-Level Math Instructions
11.7 File Arithmetic Operations

Chapter 12 Sequencer and Shift Register Instructions

12.1 Mechanical Sequencers
12.2 Sequencer Instructions
12.3 Sequencer Programs
12.4 Bit Shift Registers
12.5 Word Shift Operations

Chapter 13 PLC Installation Practices, Editing, and Troubleshooting

13.1 PLC Enclosures
13.2 Electrical Noise
13.3 Leaky Inputs and Outputs
13.4 Grounding
13.5 Voltage Variations and Surges
13.6 Program Editing and Commissioning
13.7 Programming and Monitoring
13.8 Preventive Maintenance
13.9 Troubleshooting
13.10 PLC Programming Software

Chapter 14 Process Control, Network Systems, and SCADA

14.1 Types of Processes
14.2 Structure of Control Systems
14.3 On/Off Control
14.4 PID Control
14.5 Motion Control
14.6 Data Communications
14.7 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Chapter 15 ControlLogix Controllers 317

Part 1 Memory and Project Organization

Memory Layout
Creating Tags
Monitoring and Editing Tags

Part 2 Bit-Level Programming

Program Scan
Creating Ladder Logic
Tag-Based Addressing
Adding Ladder Logic to the Main Routine
Internal Relay Instructions
Latch and Unlatch Instructions
One-Shot Instruction

Part 3 Programming Timers

Timer Predefined Structure
On-Delay Timer (TON)
Off-Delay Timer (TOF)
Retentive Timer On (RTO)

Part 4 Programming Counters

Count-Up (CTU) Counter
Count-Down (CTD) Counter

Part 5 Math, Comparison, and Move Instructions

Math Instructions
Comparison Instructions
Move Instructions

Part 6 Function Block Programming

Function Block Diagram (FBD)
FBD Programming

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