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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Which of the following statements best describes patient identification?
A)Ask the patient his name and date of birth.
B)Check the test requisition form.
C)Follow the three-step process for correct patient identification.
D)Check the medical record number or the patient's armband.
Choose the statement below that best describes "stat."
A)The collection time is determined by the facility.
B)There will be a specific time to collect the ordered test.
C)"Stat" depends on the test that is ordered.
D)Specimen must be collected and transported immediately.
Microcollection can be described using which of the following statements?
A)Insertion of a needle into a vein in the antecubital area
B)The use of leeches to extract the blood when small amounts of blood are needed
C)Blood that is collected into a syringe or vacuum tube
D)Using a lancet or puncture device to prick the skin when small amounts of blood are needed
Choose the sites that are most commonly used when collecting capillary blood.
A)Finger, heels of infants, toes, and arms
B)Fingers, heels of infant, and ear lobes
C)A, B, D
D)Antecubital area of both arms, heels of infants, and earlobes
Which of the following will give the patient a negative impression?
A)Not being certified or licensed as a phlebotomist
B)Not having membership in a professional organization
C)Lack of good personal hygiene and proper dress code
D)Not wearing the proper shoes or lab jacket

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