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Multiple Choice Quiz
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You have assembled your equipment for a routine venipuncture and you have the appropriate evacuated tubes and holder or syringe, needle, alcohol prep pads, and gloves. What are you missing?
A)Gauze pads, tourniquet, and sharps
B)Cotton, red pen, computer, and sterile gloves
C)Bandage or tape, permanent marker, pen, and computer label
D)Both A and C
You need help locating the patient's vein. Which of the following will best provide that assistance?
A)Place the patient in a supine position.
B)Ask the patient to tell you where the best vein is.
C)Hyperextend the patients elbow slightly.
D)Get another phlebotomist to assist you.
Which of the following statements about tourniquets is correct?
A)A tourniquet is used to stop the blood flood to the venipuncture site.
B)A tourniquet makes it easier to feel, or palpate the vein when the tourniquet is placed tightly above the site.
C)A tourniquet is applied three to four inches above the venipuncture site.
D)The tourniquet should gently pinch the patient's skin.
Which of the following is NOT a vein?
D)Median cubital
The tourniquet should not be left on the patient for longer than:
A)two minutes.
B)one minute.
C)it takes to find the vein.
D)three minutes.

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