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Economics, 19/e

Paul A. Samuelson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
William D. Nordhaus, Yale University

ISBN: 0073511293
Copyright year: 2010

As current and relevant as ever, Samuelson and Nordhaus's Economics continues to be the standard-bearer for an introduction to modern economic principles. The nineteenth edition of this timeless text has an updated view of financial markets and monetary policy, and it covers the following current topics:

  • Gasoline taxes and rationing
  • Executive compensation
  • The cost of the war in Iraq
  • Housing and loss aversion
  • Financial disturbances and business cycles
  • The poverty trap
  • Financial globalization
  • The monetary transmission mechanism for the open economy with flexible rates

The nineteenth edition also continues to emphasize the Analytical Core of Economics with particular attention to economic growth and analysis of market economics. This emphasis helps foster a focus on the most important concepts in the principles course.

Please note that this website references the chapters in Economics, 19e. If you are using the Microeconomics or Macroeconomics splits, please reference the Micro/Macro Conversion Guide file to find the correlating chapter number.

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