Economics of Social Issues
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Economics of Social Issues, 19/e

Ansel M. Sharp, University of the South
Charles A. Register, Florida Atlantic University
Paul W. Grimes, Mississippi State University

ISBN: 0073511331
Copyright year: 2010

Sharp, Register, and Grimes' Economics of Social Issues originated the social issues approach to teaching basic economic principles. This edition reflects the important societal trends and public debates current at the time. Currency and relevance are the motivations behind the major changes that previous users will quickly find in this edition. Each chapter presents economic concepts then places them within the context of very current issues facing society.

Economics of Social Issues has garnered a loyal user following for its timely and impartial handling of current social issues that dominate the news. As the major social issues facing our society change, so does this textbook. While the issues are contemporary and the supporting information updated, the authors remain objective.

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